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$5000 Treasure Hunt

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Enjoy the Hunt and Keep Making Memories


In this treasure hunt you will be looking for three metal coins. The coins will be bronze, silver, and gold. You will need all three coins to claim the $5,000 prize. Once a coin is found you will need to bring the coin to Divrsion, along with a description and a picture of where it was found. This will then unlock an additional clue. Another coin will then be placed in the same location for another person to find. This means two people cannot find the same coin within a 24 hour period. This treasure hunt is intended to be difficult based off the prize value. The clues given are intended to have you find the bronze coin first, the silver coin second, and the gold coin third. It is possible to stumble upon them out of order, and that is fine, however, each coin only comes with one clue to the next one, and the gold coin has no additional clue. Remember these coins are small and figuring out the riddle will be the only true way to find these coins.


“Three hidden coins you seek
One bronze, silver, and gold
The locations may ever seem so bleak
If you are ever so bold you will get told
Start with three near trees
A couple choices to be made one right and one a pon
This will not be a breeze and I am not here to tease
Do not fall for the cons you are looking for the bronze”


The starting will lead you to the bronze coin. Once the bronze coin is found and claimed you will gain a new riddle for the silver coin. After the silver coin is found and claimed you will be given a new riddle for the gold coin. Finally, once the gold coin is found and claimed you will be given your prize.


This treasure hunt will utilize all public spaces within the 45030-area code and will also include Fernald. The coins will be placed within 10 feet of a beaten path. Regardless if the path is dirt, gravel, blacktop, etc. If you are at locations with certain exploration guidelines like Fernald please follow their guidelines. We follow all guidelines when hiding objects. These coins will be visible, uncovered, and below knee height.

We ask that people do not share this riddle, clues, or additional riddles gained from finding a coin online. We will share information online at different times. We ask that you do this to keep the treasure hunt engaging, fun, and fair. If a person violates guidelines, displays poor sportsmanship, disrespects nature or others, shares information restricted online, or does anything that Divrsion deems would violate the terms of this treasure hunt they will be disqualified from the hunt.

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