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In a place, we carry in the back of our minds, that you should search for some good finds. In a race to be the best, this place you will find the chest. Where my secrets ensured such bleakness, I can ensure it was my weakness. On a path where my wings can be seen, but only come spring will I glean. My strength has often been put to the test, but through history, I was the best. Take some time and get some rest because my distance will put your fitness to the test. In a spot that doesn’t fit, I’m easy to find with some wit.

Confirmed Information

  • Located at Fernald Nature Perserve


  • Clue 1: A place where you will not even hear a dog bark.

  • Clue 2: The name of my path was used for carriage wheels and spokes.

  • Clue 3: Glean means to harvest/gather grain or other produce.

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