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Treasure Hunt

Pirate Ship

A tale of a Pirate: Cap’n Bones spent his lifetime sailing the high seas with The Red Beard Brothers. They targeted vessels throughout the dark seas. Their crew was ruthless and looted any vessel they passed. They quickly became the wealthiest pirates of the seas. Their crew decided it was best to disband. Their crew parted ways and Cap’n Bones decided to settle down with his share of the booty in the small town of Harrison.

Treasure Map

Cap’n Bones is still trying to find a safe place to keep his hoard. He decided the best way to find a spot was to hide small pieces of gold in tiny treasure chests across his new homestead. He reveals riddles to many treasure questers to see if his hiding spots are safe enough to hide his fortune. Only one spot has proven to be worthy. This spot contains the infamous chest one. However, he still doesn’t feel too confident.


  • Digging, climbing, or traveling in an unsafe area is not encouraged or required for the treasure hunt.
  • Please do not damage, deface, or destroy public or private property, especially archaeological or historical sites, when searching.
  • Do not harm plant or animal life when searching.
  • Please do not explore restricted, prohibited, or otherwise dangerous locations.
  • Please remember the treasure isn’t placed far off the beaten path, exploration far off any designated path is not required.
    • At some locations depending on posted signs, this means you cannot go more than 15ft off a designated path. If a location or sign designates a shorter distance please follow those guidelines.
  • Additional Rules for Fernald Preserve: Your feet must remain on the trail at all times, the chest will be within reach of trail.
  • All local laws and land management policies apply.
  • We will not use schools, cemeteries, or on a playground as a hiding location.
  • Historical sites (such as historical houses) will not be used unless specified.
  • Metal detectors should not be used unless you have a permit.

Our Community

Want to join in the hunt? Check out the Facebook group with over 10,000 other hunters.

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